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"Firewalls are not enough.... there are no crashproof cars, just like there are no crashproof medical devices, so instead we need to make sure medical devices are RESILIENT, even if adversaries are inside hospital networks" - Prof. Kevin Fu, PhD
Watch Prof. Kevin Fu's recent interview with Scripps News, hosted by Lauren Magarino

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The Archimedes Health Care Security Week event was a huge success! Our team is thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring together some of the best speakers and thought leaders in the medical device security industry. From cutting-edge topics to exciting an early morning fun run to see the sights of the Big Easy and a police-guided funeral procession with live jazz music to mourn the end of Windows 10 support..NOLA did not disappoint! We are proud to have hosted such an amazing event and we can't wait to share our photos with our attendees, members and friends. Stay tuned for more photo uploads, updates, and upcoming event announcements!

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Windows 10 End of Support Photos

Section 524B Fun Run

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Dr. Kevin Fu, Professor, Northeastern U.; Director, Archimedes Center for Health Care and Medical Device Cybersecurity; Former Acting Director, FDA CDRH Medical Device Security; IEEE Fellow; ACM Fellow, AAAS Fellow

Latest news and happenings in the medical device cybersecurity world

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How Do You Protect Your Brand and Your Patients from Cybersecurity Risks?

Maintaining Cybersecurity Protects Your Patients, your Pre-Market Review Preparedness And Your Reputation

As healthcare becomes completely connected, and the expectations of regulators and customers continue to rise, there is new urgency around the need for effective cybersecurity management to mitigate the ever-increasing risks of intentional and unintentional harm to the safety and effectiveness of devices.

Healthcare providers are facing increasing challenges with using a wide variety of devices and technology safely and securely, as their networks face continued increases in threats. Patient safety is threatened by devices that are not protected.

In order to bring new devices to market, manufacturers will need cost-effective strategies to manage cybersecurity risks in a balanced manner. They are recognizing the need to implement cybersecurity safeguards in every phase of the design and manufacture of medical devices. They face further challenges as rapidly changing cybersecurity standards and regulations put more pressure on them.

The Archimedes Center For Health Care & Device Security

The Archimedes Center for Health Care and DeviceSecurity is a membership organization established to help manufacturers, health care providers and industry experts navigate the operational hazards of cybersecurity and prepare them for the future challenges of regulators. Archimedes has an experienced and multi-disciplinary team of medical technology experts who focus on research, education and on advising industry leaders on methods for
improving medical device security.

At Archimedes, our events and services offer the ideal conditions for learning, sharing and networking to improve your and your company’s ability to deal with health care security challenges. Being part of Archimedes also improves situational and operational awareness of emerging issues pertaining to cybersecurity.

We're proud to be built on a foundation of personal trust, sound science, and solid engineering.


Why become a member of Archimedes?

Our focus as we head into 2024 is stronger than ever as we continue to bring our member organizations our commitment to the following benefits;

Research - With input from members, funded and supported research at Northeastern and elsewhere specifically on healthcare security

Education - Events, training, and other activities that educate all levels including new staff to senior leadership on the most important topics in healthcare security

Student Engagement - Access to and engagement with students at all levels that seek and have knowledge and experience in healthcare security

Collaboration - Coordination and collaboration of research and learning across multiple universities around the world

Industry Connections - Introductions, access and connections with industry leaders and partners

Regulatory - Knowledge, experience, and partnerships across healthcare regulation nationally and internationally

Global - Events, connections, and research across the globe

Future Orientation - Solving the problems of the next five years not those of the past


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