The 2024 Archimedes Health Care Security Week was one for the books! Look for our event wrap up soon!

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Archimedes Center for Health Care and Medical Device Cybersecurity sponsored the HSSC’s Hands Across America-Boston event in late April. The event proved to be a great opportunity for learning, networking and getting a glimpse into all that is in store for Archimedes!

 Events like these are only the beginning for what we have planned for the advancement of research and education in the security of medical devices.  We are thrilled to bring along our members with us throughout the process.

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Archimedes Discussion Circle; a Success.
Note from Dr. Kevin Fu:

We hosted an Archimedes Discussion Circle on March 21 on the topic of the new HHS Cybersecurity Performance Goals with myself and four great healthcare experts!  Just prior to that, I hosted a UCSF-Stanford CERSI-FDA seminar with a spokesperson for the HHS CPG report. Find out more about the Discussion Circle here.

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November 2023

The Archimedes Center for Health Care and Medical Device Cybersecurity hosted an educational leadership summit for health care and medical device executives and researchers on the campus of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China on November 23, 2023.

Dr, Kevin Fu and his distinguished guests explained new technical requirements for pre-market cybersecurity review and how companies can better prepare for successful pre-market clearance applications of medical devices. The topics and speakers included:

  • "Security for Health Care and Clinical Engineering"
    Professor Guenevere Qian Chen, 
    University of Texas at San Antonio

  • "Security for the Medical Internet of Things" 
    Professor Wenyuan Xu, 
    Zhejiang University and USSLAB.

  • "Telehealth Cybersecurity: Securing the Remote Patient Monitoring Ecosystem" 
    Axel Wirth, Chief Security Strategist, 

Archimedes members, health care and medical device executives, researchers and students of the industry learned of new cybersecurity regulatory requirements to manufacturer medial devices for use in the United States, China, and the globally regulated medical device market. The one-day event was a huge success!

As we focus on 2024, we are excited to bring Archimedes mission of education, collaboration, and research to all areas of the globe! 



September 2023

Archimedes members were invited to an intimate, off-the-record conversation with FDA's Suzanne Schwartz and other leaders regarding the new requirements for pre-market cybersecurity review.

After thoughtful conversation, attendees were given an opportunity to provide strategic input on science, technology, health care, and public health research challenges they'd like Archimedes to focus on for our planned $20 million research grant on medical device security. A key part of the project is integrated education and research, including a reverse co-op program to allow industry and government employees to receive training in the form of medical device security certificates and masters degrees. A tour of the current and future space allowed members a birds-eye view of all the plans in progress. 

Another fantastic learning and networking event is in the books.