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Kevin Fu's Students Represent Archimedes at DEF CON 2019! 

"Through Archimedes, Ben Cyr and I were able to attend DEFCON this year for the first time. For those that have not been to DEFCON, to say the least it is certainly a different kind of event due to the interesting talks, the mob of hackers stumbling around Vegas, hands-on security workshops, and the “villages” with direct access to products such as medical devices or voting machines. We knew we had truly arrived when an ambulance passed by and a random attendee commented on how “cool” it would be if someone had hacked a pacemaker.

In between the craziness described above, we managed to have several productive conversations with medical device manufacturers and attended several interesting talks — particularly at the Biohacking Village. This village included medical device themed talks, hands-on workshops, and a medical device lab. Ultimately, we spent the majority of our time at the medical device lab partially due to full physical access to examine (and hack) several of the devices. But even more importantly, we could talk medical device security with several software and hardware engineers from attending medical device companies. On our end, we believe the relationships and ideas born from these interesting interactions may lead to future research. Similarly, I believe these conversations may have helped these engineers consider new threat vectors. Overall, this experience was very fruitful and fulfilling, and we hope to attend next year and see more medical devices there!"

-Connor Bolton

Graduate Research Assistant

CSE  University of Michigan


wide nolaRegistration is LIVE for our 2020 Archimedes Medical Device Security 101 Conference!  

Registration is now OPEN! Join the Archimedes Team on January 27-28th, 2020 in New Orleans LA! We are bringing you a new city, with a new venue and new topics of importance for our Members and followers. Our 101 Conference brings together HDO's, Manufacturers, Industry Regulators to talk the talk on topics of interest to all levels. And there's fun to be had too...enjoy the famous southern music, food and fun in the beautiful French Quarter!  Watch our website for more information but REGISTER TODAY be sure to take advantage of our early bird pricing! 

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Dr. Kevin Fu Honored with Test of Time Award from IEEE Security and Privacy.

Congratulations to our Founder, Dr. Kevin Fu and his collaborators on their landmark 2008 paper titled "Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: Software Radio Attacks and Zero-Power Defenses" that unmistakably established the field of medical device security.  Read more about the Test of Time Award and Dr. Fu's comments on receiving this prestigious honor here.

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Our Leadership Workshop on Medical Device Security was a huge success! Dynamic presentations from top-level cybersecurity experts created solid discussions from Manufacturers, HDO's and Industry Regulators. Archimedes is grateful for our Member organizations that attended and continue to work toward one unified goal; increased patient safety. 

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