Building security programs in the academic medical center and not destroying it in the process
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Jack Kufahl
Health Delivery Organizations - Asbury Hall: A & B

Academic medical centers are one of the most complex organizations that combine the promise and challenges of the research, patient care, training and education missions all within the context of the greater university. We are expected to be equally as open as we are private at the epicenter of two of the most targeted industries in the nation, healthcare and higher education.

The University of Michigan Health System has been strategically investing in an assurance program that looks to leverage the unique nature of the opportunities we have at our disposal while keeping the day-to-day operations protected in an ever increasingly dynamic environment.

Perhaps apart from some of our healthcare delivery organization counterparts, we must account for our relative programmatic immaturity while sleuthing out those rare but critical leapfrogging moments when we can move beyond the expected median and have information assurance inclusive of the overall information service delivery.