DOWNLOAD THE 2021 Sponsor Prospectus


Archimedes is a not-for-profit organization housed at the University of Michigan. It is through corporate collaboration and support that we are able to advance security research and host one of a kind educational events.

Sponsors play a vital role, which is why we have created this dedicated Sponsor Hub to help inform, guide, and support you on your journey to becoming an Archimedes Sponsor. Our varying sponsorship levels help accommodate budgets and bandwidth to provide a successful event for everyone involved. We keep our sponsor to attendee ratio tight at 1:8 to ensure a favorable ROI.

Please read through the informative tabs below and download the prospectus to learn about the benefits of joining our sponsorship circle.

Terms & Conditions

Non-negotiable benefits
The sponsor packages are designed in advance taking into consideration feedback from previous events. Our goal is to provide the absolute best rates for both sponsors and attendees, and to ensure each of our supporters leave knowing that their organization was promoted and represented well. To that end, the current benefits listed for upcoming events are non-negotiable. If you have ideas or feedback for future events please email as or take our sponsor survey at the end of the event. 

Attendee lists
We do not share attendee lists, period. 

Extra passes
Sponsors may not purchase additional passes for any reason. Archimedes has a 1:8 sponsor to attendee ratio and we will adhere to the number of passes listed. An attempt to send extra representatives could result in the forfeit of your spot and exclusion from future events. 

Payment is due on or before the due dates indicated above. Archimedes has the right to remove a sponsor from the program if payment is not received. 

No-selling Policy
Out of respect for all of our attendees, sponsors are not permitted to do any "selling" during the event presentations. This includes mentioning products or services as a solution to a problem being discussed, handing out "swag", speaking about another vendor in a disparaging way, or any other obvious promotional activities. Our team works continuously on your behalf to highlight and promote your participation before, during, and after the event. All marketing is to be done by Archimedes using the channels outlined in the promotional schedule you received.