Monday, April 12

Archimedes is a not for profit organization housed at the University of Michigan. Corporate collaboration and support make it possible for us to host one of a kind educational events. On behalf of Archimedes and its members, we thank our 2021 Archimedes Sole  Sponsor for helping make our events successful!

Archimedes Symposium Sole Sponsor

medcrypt me tooMedcrypt
Medical device vendors used to be able to ship a device, hope that there were no cybersecurity issues, and address problems as they were found. Today, leading device vendors build security features into their devices before they ship, and win market share as a result.

MedCrypt brings security features to medical devices, from pacemakers to surgical robots, in a few lines of code. The exponential growth of connected devices in healthcare combined with the FDA mandate to “bake in” security into devices means the best solution is one that secures devices, not the hospital network.

A medical device may look like just another IoT device, but its regulatory and usage requirements require a healthcare-first approach to cybersecurity. MedCrypt is built specifically for medical devices, which means clinical functionality is always the highest priority.

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