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This is a MEMBER-ONLY event!  Interested in access to Archimedes webinars, training and events? Do you want to join the virtual conversation alongside the world's leading manufacturers and hospitals to talk solution-based strategies to improve medical device security?  June is also open enrollment month for membership!  For more information on access to our webinar series and how to become an Archimedes member contact us or check out our website for additional information.


Welcome to our Leadership Workshop Webinar Series!

We have been busy reinventing ways to bring our members our highly-valued Leadership Workshop despite COVID-19. We are thrilled to announce FOUR opportunities for our members to participate in top-notch security conversations with leaders in healthcare, research and medical device manufacturing. 

3 June 2020

Session 1

12 Noon CT


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Rapid Device Deployment & Expanding Hospital Environments During COVID-19

  • Chris Tyberg - Divisional Vice President, Product Security, Abbott 

  • Debra Bruemmer -  Senior Manager, Office of Information Security, Mayo Clinic

17 June 2020

Session 2

12 Noon CT


The public's view of cybersecurity: managing the message and protecting your reputation
  • Erika Winkels - Director, Corporate Communications - Public Relations, Medtronic


15 July 2020

Session 3

12 Noon CT




Cybersecurity in the Internet of Medical Things era: research and challenges
  • Sara Rampazzi - Research Investigator, University of Michigan
    Incoming Assistant Professor, University of Florida

22 July 2020

Session 4

12 Noon CT





security Logging: HDO to MDM
  •  Ken Hoyme - Director, Product SecurityBoston Scientific





  •  Andrew Bomett Senior Manager, Product SecurityBoston Scientific