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This is a MEMBER-ONLY event!  Interested in access to Archimedes webinars, training and events? Do you want to join the virtual conversation alongside the world's leading manufacturers and hospitals to talk solution-based strategies to improve medical device security?  June is also open enrollment month for membership!  For more information on access to our webinar series and how to become an Archimedes member contact us or check out our website for additional information.


Welcome to our Leadership Workshop Webinar Series!

We have been busy reinventing ways to bring our members our highly-valued Leadership Workshop despite COVID-19. We are thrilled to announce FOUR opportunities for our members to participate in top-notch security conversations with leaders in healthcare, research and medical device manufacturing. 

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Now that ensuring the security of connected products is a strategic imperative for the medical device industry, manufacturers cannot keep making long-term security decisions based on a partial picture of possible vulnerabilities at a single stage of the device lifecycle. This is where VDOO comes in with the only automated security platform that is integrated across the entire medical device lifecycle – from design and development all the way to deployment, maintenance and legacy.  

VDOO’s Integrated Security Platform for Connected Products provides everything medical device companies need to rapidly scale up their ability to provide optimal security across multiple products and business units, including security analysis, gap resolution, regulatory compliance, embedded protection, operations monitoring, executive insights and threat intelligence. Our unique device-specific fully-automated approach has helped leading medical device manufacturers across the globe significantly lower their overall security risks, while shortening time-to-market, reducing resource requirements, and improving customer adoption. 

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